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Women Serving Women

As Women of Light, we are coming together to be illuminated and strengthened in our roles as women.  A vital part of our unified purpose is to generously and gratefully give back a portion of our abundance.  It is the goal of our service to help lighten the burdens and ignite the spirits of women in our community whose lives has been filled with struggle and despair.  Women forced into prostitution or trafficked for sex; Women escaping domestic violence; Women living in homelessness; and Women who have fled their homes and countries to seek out refuge in a place where they might find some peace and protection and opportunity.

Together we will assemble packages called “GIFTS OF LIGHT” that will provide some brilliant items to warm the hearts and uplift the spirits of these women in our community who are currently struggling and distraught.  A piece of jewelry to remind them of the light they have inside; a journal to record gratitude; a lipstick and perfume to feel pretty; some chocolate to make them happy and other items of light.  Included in these Gifts of Light, will be hand-written letters from YOU, our amazing friends, to remind them of their worth and that we are here cheering them on to success and fulfillment in their current path of recovery!

Service is a balm for the aching soul.  When we turn from our own selfish desires and worries and spend some time in providing relief for another soul, a being in distress, we feel a sense of love and purpose and gratitude that is unmatched.  Imagine the magnitude of abundance and gratitude from warm community spirits joined in such a great cause as bringing relief to our hurting, struggling sisters in our community!  Please be ready to share your light with all of us and form lasting bonds of friendship!  Our service will create positive vibes that ripple across our communities!

Service Projects

200 “Gifts of Light” will be provided to four incredible organizations: 1: FREEDOM HOUSE OF NEW MEXICO: Helping Sexually Exploited women heal Freedom House New Mexico is dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation of women in New Mexico. They offer a program that helps sexually exploited women leave their pasts behind and step int... Read More...

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